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It's all About Besos! Lip Care Kit

$ 55.00 $ 75.00

For a limited time only...  A must have before it's gone!

Luxurious lip care like no other.

This kit is curated with one of a kind products. We have mixed natural ingredients with technology to provide a complete regimen to create not just a smooth but rejuvenated appearance for your lips instantly.

formulated with a natural, vegan (animal-friendly) and safe ingredients.

SOS Lip Care- This product is a wow gift to you! With natural peptides that instantly improves the appearance of your lips, looking with more volume, more plumped, hydrated, and with a smooth fine surface.  Also, improves the appearance of fine lines and helps stimulating collagen.  Re-hydrates and holds moisture.  

And Yes... Lips will look healthy and sexier immediately!  Use after polishing with our lip scrub for a flawless look.

Ready For Besos All Natural Lip Scrub -  Indulgent and deeply exfoliating all natural lip scrub. Made with an exotic and winner blend of organic and natural ingredients including meadowfoam seed oil, jojoba oil, primrose, rosehips oil and shea butter and Vegetable Butters wraps around the scrubbing organic Cane Sugar, along with soothing borage seed oil and vitamin E. This luxurious lip scrub is top of the line with a relaxing and sweet natural aroma coming from lavender and neroli, and providing deeply moisturizing glow.  

Bella Wine Natural Lipstick - Vegan & All Natural, Gluten Free, Made with organic oils and natural waxes, moisturizes and smoothes the lips with caressing your lips with style. Contains Japanese Honeysuckle that has anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial and calming properties plus excellent anti-aging and regenerative properties. 

Vívelo! Lip Gloss -  Vegan and Natural with lot of shine. And guess what, it is loaded with Green Tea extract, antioxidant and Vitamin E. This gloss will pamper your lips and go the extra mile with style!  Use it by itself or on top of our natural lipstick.

 So...do we need to say more for you to jump right away and get one of this?

Exactly, and remember,  there are very limited amounts...

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